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  • STOP! please read this before following this website!

    despite the children's media and lighthearted themes presented on this website, i'd prefer that only those that are 18 and up follow me on here. sorry it's different than on my social medias, but a lot of the things on here are a lot more personal to me specifically and for that reason i'd prefer people only around my age interact here for that reason. hope you all understand.

    what's new?

  • 9/2/2023: finished setting up the front page for now!
  • 8/30/2023: whoaaaa this site just started existing thats so cool
  • "hideawaysis—a special, secret place away from the rest of the world"

    hello, and welcome to my hideawaysis. that's a word from katherine hannigan's 2011 novel "true (...sort of)" if you're curious.

    this is a little place i've forged for myself out of my desire to thrive on an internet without constant dumbassery. that means no discourse, no 200-page callouts on people for shipping genshin impact characters or something, nothing on that caliber of stupidity. just a little space i can curate for myself and live peacefully.

    this is also a place where i intend to dump a lot of my thoughts on certain things, including topics such as the fine arts, media that i enjoy (including the novel this entire site is themed around), and perhaps a bit of my personal life as well. i'm sure we're all especially excited about that last part. woohoo.

    my html is admittedly a little rusty, and for that i do apologize. if any part of this website is broken don't be afraid to shoot me a message telling me. i will do my best to fix it!

    with that said, enjoy your stay at my hideawaysis. make sure to wipe your shoes off on the doormats first, though!

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    2023 - the heat death of the universe (which is a very long time!)